Pre- / Post-Summit Workshops & Courses

Pre- and Post-Summit Workshop & Course Rates



Half Day Post-Summit Workshop                                                      $325.00


Full Day Pre-Summit Workshop                                                        $625.00                 

Multi Day Pre-/Post-Summit Workshop                                            $925.00              

(For workshops that take place more than 1 day)              

Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 (VMF 1) Course                      $2,300.00             

Below is a listing of the pre- and post-Summit workshops/courses being offered at this year's virtual Value Summit. Please note: The workshops/courses are NOT included in the Summit registration fee - they are an ADDITIONAL cost.

Friday, June 5 - Saturday, June 6, 2020


EACH DAY                    Effective Facilitation

Instructor: John Sloggy, PE, CVS (Value Based Design)

PDUs: 3.75 hours / 7.5 total hours

Core Competency: Team Facilitation

This workshop is a mixture of lecture and team practice exercises

utilizing the Pocket Guide: "Facilitation as a Glance" by Ingrid Bens as

a source of workshop material (provided). We cover the following

facilitation core competencies during the workshop:

  • Understanding Facilitation

  • Effective Questioning

  • Facilitation Stages


Please be aware that each attendee is responsible for obtaining a copy of the book Facilitation at a Glance which can be purchased from Goal/QPC or Amazon prior to the workshop.

Saturday, June 6 - Sunday, June 7, 2020



ABDs of Advanced Value Engineering

Instructors: Frank Vicidomina, PE, CVS-Life and Jeff Rude, CVS (Value Management Strategies, Inc.)


PDUs: 7.5 hours / 15 hours total

Core Competencies:

  • Value Methodology

  • Transform Information      

  • Team Facilitation 

  • Function Analysis

  • Cost Analysis        

  • Pre-Workshop Stage          

  • Workshop Stage (Six-Phase VM Job Plan)      

  • Post-Workshop Stage        

  • Value Program


The Value Engineering (VE) practitioner’s goal should be to best take care of his CUSTOMER via finding ‘D’ – the ‘diamond in the rough’ better solution for a given project or process. This can be accomplished by optimal execution of the VE Job Plan. To that end the objective of this course/book is to help improve the VE professional’s skills via the sharing of the author’s experience and input from course participants.

This workshop addresses functionality and 100 issues associated with the Pre-Workshop, six-phase VE Job Plan and Post-Workshop activities as well as various select ‘odds and ends’. The book presents the subject matter training but is also good as an independent, stand-alone learning document.

If you’re looking for the latest gee-wiz technologies, etc., there will be some of that. The primary focus of this workshop, however, is on reiterating what VE should be, identifying issues and offering advice on how to improve preparing for, conducting and documenting VE workshops. The book/workshopis aimed at the experienced VE practitioner but should also be helpful for those new to the profession. VE program managers may also benefit from this workshop via gaining insight to what their VE practitioners should be doing for them.

Sunday, June 7, 2020


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM      PRE-SUMMIT WORKSHOP

Beyond FAST - Applying 21st Century Function Models, Tools and Techniques

Instructors: Bruce Lenzer, CVS-Life, FSAVE, CQM/OE, CLA, CAQMSA (Synergy Value Solutions, LLC) and James McCuish (Pinnacle Results LLC)


PDUs: 7.5 hours

Core Competencies:

  • Team Facilitation

  • Function Analysis

This workshop covers 21st century function

modeling tools and techniques to optimize and

value improve products, projects and processes.

Successful Improvement Teams’ delivery has

become more complex and demanding in a volatile

environment of ever tighter margins that involve a

spectra of risks to consider. A variety of risks which

matter can be identified and represented in the

context of one or more of these function models.

This full day workshop, including example exercises,

is designed for all practitioners of value engineering, optimization, quality, as well as process and project improvement desiring to learn more regarding different types and styles of Function Modeling and innovative applications of Function Analysis System Technique (FAST). Participants will be introduced to intermediate and advanced fundamentals of function science, interfacing business processes, organizations, and optimizing project delivery with FAST models. In addition, contemporary tools will be shared in building Process Cost Models.

Innovations to model cost will be shared and explained, interfacing labor and materials cost to simulate as-is and to-be changes surrounding a proposed improvement. Interfacing these components of cost to function broadens the analytical capability for value, quality, process and project improvement practitioners in government and industry.

The workshop will also explain and conduct practice exercises addressing Organization Function FAST associated with Project Planning, Schedule Optimization and Change Management. Organizational FAST is a pragmatic application of the FAST tool which provides characterization and visualization so Project Teams and Management can agree on the way forward and resources required to achieve organizational success. Organizational FAST also provides a simple, yet elegant, method to drive down the detail of the Organizational Functions to be achieved in the System. It exhibits the interfaces and dependencies with clarity as well as differentiates the “As we do it state” from the “As we should do it state.” In addition, it supports assignment of Roles & Accountabilities. A tangible graphic representation helps prove the understandings developed in the Teams’ System Thinking work does exist, and which will be referenced in a consistent and repeatable business process. The graphic representation also serves as a reference point for discussions with new team members, other internal Organizations, Clients, & Contractors.  These Organizational Maps may be “dimensioned” in a variety of ways to leverage additional enhancements adding to the understanding of value between the project teams, customers and clients.

Thursday, June 11, 2020                                                        

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM      


Introduction to VE in Combination with Mediation: Supertool for Multiparty Plan Making

Instructor: Dorine Cleton, LLM (CLETON&COM)

PDUs: 4.0 hours

Core Competency: Pre-Workshop Stage

After presenting and wining the paper of the Year award in Austin,

Texas (2018) for “VE in combination with Mediation as Super tool for Multiparty Plan Making” many people inquired: How does it work exactly? How do I get the information, joined criteria? How do you get from random suggestions about the area to VE, FAST and a coherent process that ends with doable alternatives? In Portland (2019) I conducted a half day workshop to explain how the method works and letting the attendees experience several steps themselves. The workshop received positive feedback, but there was one comment: please make it into a full day workshop. This is that full day workshop. It will allow more interaction and more changes for the attendees to really experience what the method is all about.

This workshop will provide an introduction to mediation, will give an inside in the facilitation skills needed and simple methods that have proven to work and will give an overall view about the process of combining mediation (PPNP) and Value Engineering. The workshop will look into the difference in this process in the information phase  (getting information form citizens, the city and the developer), criteria, FAST, team), the joined effort (specialist, citizens and stakeholders), as well as the presentation to all parties, citizen, city and  development company. It will also provide information about how the city, board as well as city council, civil servants, specialist can and have to be involved. Lessons learned will be shared. Special attention is given to the Pre-workshop Stage.

Thursday, June 11 – Sunday, June 14, 2020


7:30 AM – 5:00 PM      Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 (VMF 1)       

EACH DAY                    Instructors: Javier Masini, CVS (Advanced Value                                         Group, LLC) and Patrice Miller, CVS (RHA, LLC)


This VMF 1 course is designed for individuals involved in manufacturing, construction or any design-oriented professionals. You will learn an extremely valuable process to help you make improvements, seek out innovation and value opportunities for products, projects, programs and processes, and even the way you and your organization does business.


This course is the first step toward the certification process. Once you complete this course and pass the VMA exam, you will obtain your first level of certification.


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