Webinar Invitation Information

After you are registered for the SAVE Virtual Value Summit you will get a series of 10 emails that all look very similar, but are unique and very important.  These e-mails give you access to the various time blocks and events. Apologies that we had to do it this way, but it is the best way to ensure cyber security, manage global time zones and track usage to automatically credit practitioners with Professional Development Units for sessions you participate in.  It is a tiny bit of work now, but pays off later in convenience for you.


Each e-mail will look like this:

Email example.jpg

In each is this very important part:

Webinar Confirmation Example.jpg

Note the time is shown in “PDT”, there are “Add to Calendar” links and a “Join Webinar” button.


There are two things you need to do with this – First and immediately:


1. Click on the highlighted <Outlook Calendar> (or the calendar you use), this will likely open your “View Downloads” pop-up box.or the first block.

Step 1 - View Downloads Example.jpg

2. Click on <Open>, then <Allow> to give it permission to add it to your calendar.

Step 2 - Permissions.jpg

3. You will then see a calendar appointment pop up with the log-in information and time zone corrected to your local computer time. Click on <Save&Close>. Note in the example it automatically changed the time from 1-3 PDT to 4-6 EST to match my time zone.

Step 3 - Calendar Appointment.jpg

The above 3 steps will have to be repeated for each of the 10 e-mails sent for everything to work properly.


Now secondly, when it is time for the identified webinar block you have three options for joining securely:


1. If you added this properly to your calendar, you will get a pop-up in your calendar to join.

2. You can open the appointment and click on the link

Joining the Webinar Step 1.jpg

3. OR… You can go back to the original e-mail and click <Join Webinar>

Joining the Webinar Step 2 - Webinar But

Please note:

  • Each block has a unique log-in code for each registered participant, do not share this with others as only one person can use it per block.  So, if you give it to your friend and they log-in before you do, you won’t have access to the session.

  • The code is valid for the entire duration of the block, so if you have to leave and come back or your system crashes you can use the same code multiple times to log back into that block.  The only restriction being as above that it can only be in use at any one time on one device.

  • This all only works smoothly if you have your local time zone set up correctly in your computer, please take some time to verify your settings and the correct start time for the first block.