What is the SAVE International Value Summit?

The SAVE International Value Summit is a yearly event providing essential continuing education to individuals that practice Value Engineering. The event is open to all individuals interested in learning more about the Value Methodology (VM), including those that perform or lead value studies or would like to implement a company value program.

The VM is a systematic and structured approach for improving projects, products, and processes. VM, which is also known as value engineering, is used to analyze and improve manufacturing products and processes, design and construction projects, and business and administrative processes.

What is the SAVE International 2020 Virtual Value Summit?

The SAVE International 2020 Virtual Value Summit is a reimagination of the SAVE 2020 Value Summit. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SAVE has made the decision to convert the in-person 2020 Value Summit into a virtual event. Many of the same features, such a pre- and post-Summit workshops and the Transportation Track from the 2020 Value Summit will be replicated and made available in this new format. The virtual event will take place June 8-10, 2020.


I was registered for the SAVE International 2020 Value Summit, what should I do? 

Anyone who had previously registered for the live meeting will be issued a refund by the end of April. If you have not received your refund by May 15, please send an email to the SAVE business office at info@value-eng.org. If you are interested in participating in the Virtual Value Summit, please register HERE.

Will I receive PDUs (Professional Development Units) if I attend the virtual event?

Yes! Each PDU is equal to 1 hour of virtual content you participate in. Attendance will be monitored by a combination of registration and participation in polls and surveys throughout the Virtual Value Summit.


How do I know which registration type to select?

If you are interested in participating in all three (3) days of the Virtual Value Summit, select “3-Day Registration”. If you wish to attend or can only attend one (1) day, select “1-Day Registration”. If there are only certain blocks of presentations (typically 2 hours) you are interested in, please select “Block Registration” and indicate which one(s) you are interested in.

What platform will this be offered on?

The SAVE 2020 Virtual Value Summit will be hosted on multiple platforms: GoToWebinar Pro for the Summit plenary and blocks, GoToMeeting for the chatroom breaks and for the pre- and post-Summit workshops, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams with Mural. 


If I am making a presentation, how should it be recorded?

SAVE will be in touch with presenters to give them specific instructions. The pre-recorded videos will be requested in MP4 format.


I was previously selected to present at the 2020 Value Summit, however I have not been contacted to present at the Virtual Summit, or I cannot present at the Virtual Summit.  What is happening?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer on-line three tracks of presentations as planned with the in-person event.  As well, a number of presenters are not able to provide on-line presentations at this time for various personal reasons. We are still in the process of contacting all presenters for this year, so you could still be approached for an on-line presentation. In addition to the June 8-10 event, we are considering another smaller offering later in the year and some presenters may be approached for that. Any presenters who were selected for the in-person 2020 Value Summit and are not able to present at the on-line event will automatically have their presentation accepted and incorporated into the 2021 Value Summit.


What about the forums?

SAVE understands that the forms were a popular part of our annual Value Summit. While we cannot incorporate forums in the 2020 Virtual Value Summit, we will be hosting other upcoming on-line events to replace the popular forms.

What about Time Zone Differences? Will you be offering a recording for time-shifted viewing?

SAVE has taken world time zones of our members into account in setting the time for the 2020 virtual Value Summit. The table below is an example of how the times translate into some of our popular time zones around the world. We could not easily accommodate all time zones and we apologize for that.




















We will be recording the event and depending on the results we may consider future viewing opportunities. However, future broadcasts cannot be guaranteed at this time.

I've registered, what happens now? 

Depending on which registration type you selected, you will receive the appropriate number of GoToWebinar invitations.

  • If you registered for the 3-day registration type, you will receive 10 invitations (for 7 blocks plus 3 Professional Development Sessions)

  • If you registered for the 1-day (Monday) registration type, you will receive 4 invitations (3 blocks plus 1 Professional Development Session)

  • If you registered for the 1-day (Tuesday or Wednesday) registration type, you will receive 3 invitations (2 blocks, plus 1 Professional Development Session)

  • If you registered for a Pre- and/or Post-Summit Workshop, you will get 1 invitation per workshop (unless it is more than 1 day. In that case, you will receive the number of invitations depending on how many days the workshop is.)


On each invitation is a convenient "add to calendar" hyperlink. To join the webinar, click on the "Join Webinar" button. At this time, a unique code will be generated for you (per block). This is important, especially if you intend on claiming PDUs.

Please click HERE to view the steps you need to do to access the webinar(s) and to adjust your computer if your timing looks off.


Will you be modifying the speaker agreements since this is now being broadcast on-line?

SAVE is currently reviewing and modifying the speaker agreements accordingly.


Questions? Please contact us at valuesummit@value-eng.org.

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